Website, apps for Android, iOS and Windows, and POI files

Here you can find out what solutions are available for accessing our pitch data, who they are suitable for, what they cost and how to get them.

Our parking space database already includes more than 26,000 motorhome parking spaces, campsites, accommodation tips and service stations. In addition to the website with extensive search options, there are also apps and POI lists. This should cover many possible use cases. Below we have compiled explanations and useful links to further information.

Wichtige Begriffe

Begriff Erklärung

End device

The device on which our parking space data should be used. This can be a PC, but also a smartphone, navigation device, tablet or whatever.

Online / Offline

Online refers to an active data connection between a terminal and a server on the Internet, in our case access to our website. Offline refers to a solution without such a connection.


Abbreviation for Application. Designation for programs for smartphones, tablets and partly also for PCs (e.g. with Windows 10). Important: Apps can be designed for online and offline operation.


Point-of-interest => place of interest (POI). In our case, these are the parking space entries of our database.

Möglichkeiten zur Nutzung der Stellplatzdaten

Lösung / Anwendung Endgeräte Zugang und Infos


All devices with web browser

Documents and articles

Support via our helpdesk

Eligible: Anyone; restricted for guests

iOS App
(online / offline)

iPhone & iPad
iOS 10.0 or newer

Support via our helpdesk or also in the forum

Eligible: Everyone; details and favorites sync only for club members

Android App
(online / offline)

Smartphones & Tablets
Android 4.3 or higher

Jetzt bei Google Play

Support via our helpdesk or also in the forum

Eligible: Everyone; details and favorites sync only for club members

RV park finder
(online / offline)

Partner project of Christian Mittring (cooperation)

Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1

German badge

Support here in the forum or faster directly from Christian Mittring

Eligible: Everyone; full version via in-app purchase, for club members via in-app activation

POI lists

Navigation devices or navigation software, as well as own solutions

Download area

currently available formats: Std. CSV, Garmin CSV, GPX, Google Earth KML, Becker iGO, Sygic and TOM TOM ov2.

Eligible: Club members only

Ältere Apps, im Play Store aktuell noch verfügbar

Lösung / Anwendung Endgeräte Zugang und Infos

SPF Mobile App
(Online / Offline App)

from our partner and team member Ralf Busch

Android 3.0 or higher

Google Play

(Online functions are free; Offline functions only for club members)

Support via our helpdesk or also in the forum

Eligible: Everyone; Offline functions only for club members via in-app activation

Pitch Finder
(Offline App)

Partner project of Ralf Busch (Cooperation)

Android 2.2 or higher

Google Play

(free of charge)

Support here in the forum

Eligible: Anyone


We divide our users into three types: Guests, Registered Users and Club Members. The latter pay a small fee per year and thus have some advantages, as well as access to all content(see also here).

The offline solutions are limited to the most necessary information, in order to keep the amount of data and complexity low. Only via the website, i.e. online, all information is available, including pictures, tips and ratings.

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