As a child with parents for years made camping in a tent matured after a few years break the thought to try a vacation with caravan. We bought an old VFW Fogger. With the option of returning it! My wife did not want to go on vacation with the "thing" so. After the upholstery was renewed, the floor was replaced and all curtains were replaced it should finally go. Winter vacation in Switzerland.

I had nightmares that the caravan would pull us off the pass road into the abyss in the snow. So, accompanied by my father, I transferred the caravan to Splügen in Switzerland on St. Nicholas Day. There was 20cm of snow there. We put up the awning and then back home.

Christmas Eve in the circle of the family and on the first holiday only after the lunch go. That was our first mistake. Arrival in Splügen 21.30 o'clock. Heavy snowfall and ATTENTION minus 29 degrees. Our caravan was about 50 mtrs away from the parking lot and there was about 70 cm of snow. My warm winter clothes were safe in the caravan

With a small folding spade I made myself on the way. Normal shoes, weather jacket and jeans and without gloves. Finally at the caravan was the awning collapsed under the snow load hung on the door. It was already a piece of work until the door was finally open. I had read that one should provide under the caravan for air supply. Was reached through the awning. Then the chimney should be exposed. Meanwhile, I had pulled over my numb hands the refreshing gloves from the caravan. Where is the chimney?

Using my daughter's toboggan as a ladder, one hand on the caravan roof and the other hand and folding spade searching for the chimney. With a quiet PING I had found it and at the same time removed the small roof on the fireplace. Now quickly free shovel the gas box and then the stove on

In the old caravan was still a small lamp with gas operation. That was the only light source for the time being. My brought extension did not fit of course because the Swiss have their own "neutral sockets".

Finally all four of us were gathered in the caravan. The stove is humming but it is not getting warm. Condensation is pouring down all the walls. All the laundry in the cupboards dripping wet. I dried son's baby clothes sitting in front of the stove. The whole family was crying. Except for me. I was brave and to blame for everything

The next day I tried to get a hotel room, but impossible on Christmas holidays. I wanted to dispose of the caravan warm.

A Swiss neighbor asked: hennt sie ei prooblem? A problem? 100.!

He then helped. "First open the hatch at the top, then plug in your plug with me, there is still a German without adapter" and it was warm.

We had then quite great acquaintances on the campsite. From caravan to caravan we were allowed to look at what our age never had. After 14 days we went home to our dealer and ordered a new caravan according to our wishes. Over 30 years we have then always spent our winter vacations in different caravans in Switzerland.

Now we are on the road for a few years in a camper and enjoy summer and winter. Even at minus 20 degrees.

We can only recommend to everyone, winter vacations in a caravan or motorhome can not be replaced by anything.

Many greetings


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