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We have just started to re-build one of Gotlands (Sweden) oldest camping ground and would love to see some of you northern-europe roadies visit us. I was trying to find if we can add our location to a map of opportunities to stay since the only once I could find where some free alternatives in the city of Visby.

Please let me know where to register that information if it is any available? If not, maybe I will se any of you later, after the Corona allows our continent to open up again.

Check us out here with google translate :)

Best regards


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Welcome Snäck Camping, welcome Jens!

If you visit the website in English, please have a look at the menu item "RV PARKS" and below "Create RV Park Entry". This also applies to campsites.

Here you can enter all the data for your place and also upload pictures.
After saving the data, the entry is immediately online.

If you have any problems, please let me know.

Best regards


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