Erlebnissbad Stockerau

No.: 5198
Weg zum Hallenbad
2000 Stockerau


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Open all year
created 22.05.2013 by Antek
updated 07.02.2023 by Wolfganneg
currently managed by Antek
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Short description:

Womostellplatz für max. 6 Mobile neben dem Parkplatz eines Freizeitbades.


Facilities & Services:

6 Pitches on:
Opening hours:
Open all year

0 - 24 Uhr

Compare Price: free
Outskirts of town (town / city)
At an outdoor pool / indoor pool
At a water park / spa
Quiet location

Relativ ruhige Lage am Ortsrand. Hundebolzplatz in der Nähe.

Facilities & Services:
Mobile over 7 meters possible
Waste facility
Disposal with floor inlet
Disposal of chemical toilet
Fresh water
Restaurant / Restaurant / Cafe

Frischwasser 2,- €

Address RV park:
Weg zum Hallenbad
2000 Stockerau



48.393864, 16.219168
48°23'37.91"N 16°13'9"E
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